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It’s almost Halloween and everybody here has been talking about goblins, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, witches, and trick-or-treating. Which is all fine and good, but then a certain lady came up with the idea that it’d be fun to dress me up for the occasion. No self-respecting cat should ever be disgraced like this and you will not find me wearing a witch’s hat or, as was  suggested, a ballerina outfit on October 31st or any other day of the year.

Dogs on the other hand seem to be immune to humiliation and I actually encountered a few during my first Halloween at Ambassador that were dressed up in rather funny outfits.

Two of my favorites were a Boston Terrier Skunk Mix and a Bulldog Frog.


Now, if you feel your pet would enjoy being dressed up for the occasion check out our Halloween Fun board on Pinterest.  www.pinterest.com/AmbAnHosp.We added a few pet costume pins and some information about Halloween safety and while you’re there don’t forget to click the ‘Follow All’ button.

Anyway, I will be napping with one eye open until All Saints Day, but if my evil co-workers succeed and I end up as CleoCatra of Poly-Anna next Friday, please pretend you didn’t see me.

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  1. Boston Terrier Rocky  February 23, 2015

    The skunk outfit is funny for a Boston! Many Boston Terrier dogs gets dressed up for Halloween! Check out this post : http://www.bterrier.com/halloween-costume-ideas-for-boston-terrier-dogs/


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