Ambassador Animal Hospital offers full boarding services for cats and dogs. State-of-the-art ventilation systems minimize the risk of airborne disease, as well as keep temperatures at ideal settings for both groups. Dog apartments are composed of surfaced fiberboard that is quieter and more comfortable than stainless steel. Our cat suites feature petting stations for play periods and visitations from friends and family.

Each guest receives their own “cubby” to store all medications, treats and toys so we encourage clients to bring items that will make their pet feel at home while in our care.  We also offer bathing and grooming services that can be scheduled at check-in.

Requirements for Boarding:
In order to provide the best possible care and to ensure the safety of your pet during its stay at our hospital, we require the following:

  1. A complete physical examination by one of our veterinarians performed within the last twelve months. (A well-pet exam during a vaccine visit or any examination for medical problems during this timeframe will satisfy this requirement)
  2. Proof of current rabies vaccine
  3. For dogs:
    Proof of current kennel cough (bordetella) vaccine and proof of current Distemper/Parva vaccine
  4. For cats:
    Proof of current feline upper respiratory complex vaccine (feline distemper vaccine)
Ambassador Animal Hospital offers boarding for dogs and catsAmbassador Animal Hospital offers boarding for dogs and cats

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